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Want to understand more about tile and why it's a good choice? Read our frequently asked questions and let us know if we can help with anything else!

Real wood flooring is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring option available. According the USDA, for every cubic foot of hardwood harvested for flooring in the United States, almost 2 cubic feet are planted. Since real wood floors are the only flooring that will last the lifetime of the home, fewer raw materials, energy and natural resources are used. For the home owners that suffer from allergies, real wood floors are your best option. Real wood floors don’t harbor allergens, microorganisms, or harmful pesticides that are brought in from outside. Mold, dust, and animal dander are minimal as well. Real wood floors greatly improve indoor air quality.

A properly installed and cared for wood floor has a lifespan that exceeds 100 years. No other flooring option can be sanded and refinished multiple times or allows the homeowner to change the color and appearance. Real wood flooring adds real world value to the home. A Survey of realtors around the country showed that 99% say its easier for them to sell a home with real wood floors, and 82% said the homes sell faster. 90% say they see a homes value increase by 10% with real wood floors installed in the home. Realtors also noted that refinishing your real wood floors prior to selling, recovers 100% of the project cost.

Wood floors today are designed to withstand the traffic of a busy household including children and pets. Species of wood are rated through the Janka Scale, determining the hardness and durability. With the proper combination of wood species as well as using the proper finish, you can choose a durable wood floor that fits your lifestyle. Real wood flooring is the only flooring option that can truly last a lifetime.

Short answer No. Why is this important? When considering a tile contractor to construct and tile your shower or bathtub surround please keep in mind that your shower will have an average of 1100" or water ran per year, in comparison the average rainfall for Seattle Washington is 36" per year! Make sure that whomever you choose to install your new shower tile has a plan for waterproofing before installing tile!

  • Porcelain Tile, porcelain tile is impervious, meaning its water absorption is 0.5% or less. A great choice for any application. Easy to maintain and very durable.
  • Ceramic Tile, similar to porcelain ceramic tile is fired clay. Ceramic is not fired as hot and long as porcelain making it a softer product. Ceramic tile also absorbs water at a much higher rate, making it a poor choice for most outdoor applications.
  • Mosaic Tile, tiles having a facial area of less than 9 in². Typically mounted on sheets or strips with other mosaic tiles.
  • Encaustic Tile, tile decorated with colored clays, inlaid and fired. Often referred to as Cement Tile.
  • Marble Tile, marble that has been cut into tile sizes.
  • Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs; Large format tile that is gauged to a certain thickness, often only half the thickness of standard tiles and up to 63"x 126".
  • Natural Stone, tiles cut from naturally occurring material, travertine, marble, etc.
  • Feature Tile; tile that is used strictly to make a statement, express your artistic taste, and beautify your home. The choices are endless and as unique as you are! 3D tile, metallic tile, stone-look tile are just a few of the options.



I LOVE my floors. Will and his guys truly go the extra mile. I now have beautiful hardwood floors through out the house and no more cracking tile in the kitchen or loose carpet on the stairs. Thank you Thank you!




The main level our house flooded due to a bad hookup of a new washer and we needed new flooring. So glad we found Floorwise. After dealing with insurance, and contractors that wouldn't call us back, they were great to work with. Very professional and excellent work. Thank you again -Steve


Fort Collins


Can't wait to work with them again! Very professional experience and craftsmanship that is as good as it gets. We kept them fed with good burritos and they seemed to be happy. We appreciated the fact they respected our home so much while working. I haven't stopped smiling about my new floors!

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